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Cartilage OCD

Fixed price package

Each surgical package includes a consultation, treatment on the day of surgery, a reassessment and four physio treatments. The package price is determined at your first visit.

Before surgery
Initial consultation
Assessment of your vet’s x-rays
Surgical treatment planning
One pre-surgical physio and laser session

Day of surgery
Morning check-in
Anaesthesia, nerve block and multimodal pain prevention
Post-surgical imaging
One-on-one recovery with a surgical nurse in a temperature-controlled room
Photo update of your pet texted to you
Cold therapy begins

Multimodal pain relief dispensed
Discharge in the afternoon

After surgery
Three post-surgical physio and laser sessions
Cold compression treatment with Game Ready athlete recovery system

* Additional treatments required after surgery are not included in the package price and may be performed by your local vet


In some young dogs, the cartilage can separate from the underlying bone creating a flap (OCD) causing lameness.

To diagnose and plan the best treatment, we use x-rays, CT or a PET-CT scan.

Cartilage lesions are removed allowing new cartilage to form.

Your pet will require at least six weeks of careful confinement to prevent running, jumping and playing after surgery while the bone heals, combined with controlled lead-only walks and physiotherapy.

Most pets achieve improvement or resolution of lameness. Because arthritis can progress after surgery some pets require long term pain relief and physiotherapy.

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