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Lauren Biggelaar Animal Orthopaedics Christchurch NZ.jpg

Alana Marshall

DipVN RVN BSc Zoology


Alana joined the AOC team in October 2021; caring for surgical patients. She loves to be there for them, to get them through the tough times. She says it is the best job ever to see them recovered, walking out of the hospital into the waiting arms of their owners! She is also interested in animal physio, rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife and birds.

When not in the clinic, Alana enjoys socializing with friends and family; and getting outdoors particularly tramping, walking, visiting beaches and mountain biking. She also enjoys playing violin in orchestra and Celtic fiddle at Irish pubs.

Christchurch-born and bred, Alana shares her life with many animal vagabonds. Currently, she has two rescue cats one called Oscar who broke through the cat door and made himself at home. And Dusty - who turned up at her previous work's clinic, needing a home. Alana also spends a lot of time with her mum's dog Amigo, a Chihuahua that also needed a home.

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