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Fixed-price Surgery

It is stressful enough knowing your pet requires surgery. For peace of mind, our surgery packages have fixed prices so there are no financial surprises.

Clinical Excellence

Our leading clinic is fitted with advanced equipment including a CT machine, temperature-controlled recovery room and Game Ready athlete healing system

Outpatient Care

Pets are discharged with multimodal pain relief on the same day of surgery. Recovery at home avoids separation anxiety and expensive after-hours care.


Meet Our Team

Special Touches
Special Touches

Special Touches

To enhance your pet’s emotional well-being, our clinic is purpose-built with Fear Free® principles.


Our experienced surgical team performs each surgery precisely, calmly and quietly.


During anaesthesia recovery, our lovely surgical nurse sits with your pet so they are not alone. 


To facilitate optimal recovery, your pet wakes up in a temperature controlled warming room.


A photo of your pet is texted to you at recovery so you can see all is well.


All pets go home with multimodal pain relief on the same day of surgery. This avoids separation anxiety and expensive after-hours care.


Four physio sessions are included in each orthopaedic package to restore mobility quickly.


Physio sessions include Game Ready® treatment to reduce swelling and promote post-operative recovery.


Every physio session includes Class IV Laser Therapy.

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